Weird analogies in nature

He and she

Mrs Stevenson often borrowed her husband's hands when it was cold outside

The only quote from esteemed Dr. Mauderly that made it into a newspaper article on Anthrax.

Japanese signs



This mural is from the New York Film Academy:

Photography was invented around 1839, but I guess the target audience of Blair Witch II is not supposed to know that.

Creative typesetting. But then again, who gives a truck?

Central park in the winter

A Citibank ATM. Would you trust them with accounting?

Location of animal: In yeard.
Location on body: Rite Lage

I have no idea what this one is. Maybe I just have no breath awareness.

A checkie from the play "Producers" (obtained backstage)

This one is by Microsoft: go ahead, save it and use it in your projects. Maybe you'll get fired.

Perhaps the hideous cogwheel could be used to emphasize an idea.

(Note: If you'are an AOL user, you might not be able to tell the difference...)

Peeking at the minister's speech during a wedding.

Mmmm-mmmm. Tasty green liquid.









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